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Cellus System

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Oct 30, 2020
General Rules -​
RDM - Don't Randomly kill another player without reason
NLR - Do not go back to where you died for 2 minutes
Stay in Character
RDA - Don't Randomly arrest another player without reason
Do not harrass other users
Do not be a bad boy (racism, sexism, other isms)
Do not abuse exploits or loopholes
Do not spam
Max raid time is 8 minutes
You must advert criminal activity

Basing/Building Rules -​
1. You are allowed to use One Way Materials on props for viewing. (You can shoot through if it's an open fading door).
2. No crouch/color out/tight bases allowed
3. You are allowed to block off excess entrances.
4. Each fading door must have a button/keypad.
5. Minimum keypad time: 3 seconds.
6. You must have a building sign on the exterior of your base whilst building.
7. Your property is your KOS line; if anyone enters, blow 'em away.
8. You can megabase with 4 or more people in the same area.
9. You cannot build on the streets unles you're a Hobo.
10. Max Fading doors your base can have is 5
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